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Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Resources

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Gospel Preacher

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Robert Hughes' web log site - learning from each witness encounter

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News and articles about the Darwinian cult at Answers in Genesis

Please Note seeks to encourage Christians of all sorts to witness and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In all things, we seek to glorify God. Across this site, you will find many links to other sites. Inevitably, neither you nor we will agree with every bit of everyone else's theology. Our policy in linking to others is to cross the artificial barriers created by denominationalism and encourage all Born-Again Christians in our common task; the preaching of the Gospel. We cannot be held accountable for the many doctrinal variations amongst brothers and sisters in Christ.  There are many sites that deal with apologetics and the exposure of apostate and aberrant ministries. Of course, there are some sites and ministries that would receive an obvious thumbs-down from us, but hopefully, you would not find them linked from here. This site is aimed at the encouragement of the saints in carrying out Christ's commission to preach the gospel to the whole of creation. We do not, within the scope of this site, get involved in debates such as predestination, millennialism or variant forms of legalism. We are aware of the importance of these things, but it is not the purpose of this site to foster division amongst the saints, rather to encourage unity of purpose in preaching the Gospel.

Our own position is trinitarian, born again through the once-for-all sacrifice of the Spotless Lamb of God. We're blood-bought and serving the King, Jesus Christ. Saved by His grace alone and not by any works or righteousness of our own (we have none). We preach the Gospel of repentance from sin and trust only in Jesus as the all-sufficient Saviour.

KDKR  91.3fm

KDKR Christian Radio (TX)

Christian Radio
Your Station for Growth 

Sound teaching and great music from this North Texas radio station. Daily programmes from the likes of Chuck Smith, Alistair Begg and Way of the Master. 

Free Resource Provision

World Missionary Press
Fellowship Tract League
Evangelism Resources

Churches, Fellowships & Assemblies engaging in Biblical Evangelism.
Puritan Fellowship
Middleton, Manchester.
Bensham Gospel Hall
Gateshead, Newcastle

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