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Good Enough?

Do you honestly think that you're a good person? Reckon you're good enough to get to Heaven? 
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Revival's Golden Key,
by Ray Comfort
has been added to the Resources page. Now you can read this classic treatise on the use of The Law in evangelism.

Free Tracts

Australian tract ministry, EVANGELISM RESOURCES provide free tracts for you to print out (or get printed) in different languages. They present a sound, biblical Gospel, based on the "Way of the Master" presentation and, for those of us working in large cosmopolitan areas, or even those visiting abroad, these tracts will prove invaluable.
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Living Waters

Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Resources

David Higson

Gospel Preacher.

Huge resource potential and provider of web space. A great "heap of witness".

Revival FM

Revival FM

Christian Radio
Based in Scotland
Listen OnLine Now!

Evolution Debate

News and articles about the Darwinian cult at Answers in Genesis

Good Enough???

Do you think that you're a good person? Good enough to get to Heaven? 
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Bible Illustration

Lazarus from biblepicturewebsite.comI recently visited Benson Street Gospel Chapel (Bury) and heard an illustrator named Graham Kennedy expounding the story of the resurrection of Lazarus, using illustrations that he'd produced. Graham's a talented artist who is at great pains to research his pictures properly before he gets involved with the drawing. The artwork itself is incredibly detailed and is really useful for illustrated talks of all kinds. His company, (Visual Impact Resources Ltd,) produces artwork in several formats from A3 posters to PowerPoint presentations. Worth a look at 

Graham also has a web "blog" with lots of interesting stuff, 
at the
Bible Illustration Blogspot

Tracts from Living Waters

Living Waters (Europe)

GoodEnough Tract "Living Waters" produce a range of highly inventive and effective evangelistic materials. A sample pack currently costs under a fiver and gives you a big selection of their main products. Their basic message, of bringing people to an understanding of their sinfulness before presenting the good news of the gospel, is both sound and biblical.
Million Dollar Tract I've found their "money related" materials to be excellent in drawing attention to the gospel presentation. The Million Dollar (and Euro!) notes practically give themselves away and just imagine the fun you could have in one of those casinos with a handful of "Ten Commandments Coins"
All in all, an excellent resource and one to be highly recommended.

Gospel Booklets
World Missionary PressBooklets
I recently received a box full of tracts from the World Missionary Press. An organisation that has been around for years, they produce a series of nicely formatted scripture booklets in various languages. They send these free, in quantity, to any address in the world. The booklets are around 48 pages long and contain scripture references listed under various headings related to the gospel presentation. Contact them at World Missionary Press Inc. PO Box 120, New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120. USA.


Evidence Bible - Published by Bridge Logos (USA)

I've had my own copy of the Evidence Bible for about eighteen months now and, I can honestly say that it has been my constant companion for personal devotions, witnessing and sermon preparation. OK, I'm not ready to say goodbye to Messrs Thompson and Scofield yet, but the Evidence Bible definitely deserves a place on the shelf (and in the hand) of the obedient Christian witness. That said, you do need fairly strong hands as a host of additional editorial material increases the weight load somewhat.Evidence Bible

It was designed for use by people like you and me, those who hunger and thirst after righteousness and want to preach the Gospel to a world that won't listen.  There are scores of excellent articles and references for use in witnessing encounters and there's a useful index to aid in navigation around the topics. Unlike some other apologetic material, the compilers have also included material by atheists and evolutionists themselves, in order to expose and counter the folly that they teach.

Overall, an excellent tool for the evangelist, however, there is one small (fairly insignificant) niggle...

The spine identifies the text as being "King James" but, (and I know that this is a big "but" for some,) it is actually a sensitively modernised KJV text, rather than a strict rendering of the Jacobean form of phrase. This means, if you memorised all the "thees" and "thous" from your KJV, you should expect  to find them substituted with the modern "you". I'm sure that many KJV purists* will be a bit wary here but, after more than a year of use, I haven't honestly found this to be a drawback in witnessing and the gentle "updating" of the "King's English" isn't a problem. There is NO watering down of the scriptural doctrines found in the "Textus Receptus." John 3:16 still refers to Jesus as the "Only Begotten" Son and you can confidently use this edition in witnessing to JW's and Mormons.

The edition that I have is the flexible "bonded leather" backed one, which currently is being sold for 30 plus P&P from LW Europe. I've seen it in some Christian book shops at around 38. This is pretty pricey, I know, but there are softcover editions (20) and New Testament & Psalms editions (13 and 6) available.
* Don't get me started. Most of what passes for the King James Version these days carries American style spelling and slight modifications, only noticeable if you're as nit-picking as me (II Timothy 3:17, being a case in point) The Evidence Bible is Textus Receptus based and is great for evangelism.

And Finally...   Something To Ponder.