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Grab some Living Waters audios.

We're hosting a few of Ray Comfort's audios because we believe that he's hit the nail on the head when it comes to gospel presentation. He's biblical and easy on the ear. Here's the collection.

Free Books
Revival's Golden Key,
What DID Jesus Do?
Lord Of The Ring
all by Ray Comfort
All deserve reading in this present climate of seeker sensitive evangelism. Click on the title for the .PDF download.

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Want to know a bit more about sin? Here's a short video that gives you the low down...

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Living Waters

Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Resources

Tracts From Brazil
Evangelismo Biblico seeks to engage the Portuguese speaking world with the Biblical Gospel. They provide Portuguese translations of some of the Living Waters material.

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Printable Tracts
The first of our series of printable tracts is based on one that is available from the Western Tract Mission of Canada. It features a PDF document of printable "Free Tickets" that carry a Gospel Message. Print page one, then reverse the paper in your printer and print side two. These can be handed out or left around in places where tickets are sold.

A presentation (A4 4-fold) of the Gospel through the Ten Commandments. Print both sides and fold to form a nice handy tract.

The following three tracts are based on the message format produced by Living Waters to bring people to a knowledge of their sinful state before God prior to giving the good news of salvation.

Are You Good Person?
Titanic (Page 1)
Titanic (Page 2)
Check List

How to tell whether a tract has a sound biblical presentation:

Does it mention the Law, and warn of the wrath of God, Judgment Day and Hell?
Does it preach the cross, the bodily resurrection, personal repentance, and faith in Christ alone as Saviour?
Is Jesus presented as merely the answer to life's problems or as the Saviour of the world, whose substitutionary death at Calvary paid the price for sin?
Evangelism Resources
Based in Sydney, Australia, Evangelism Resources  provide multilingual tracts, using  the "Way of the Master" presentation of the Biblical Gospel. Great tracts for passing out to visitors from other countries in our cities and towns.
Gospel Tracts

This page is dedicated to those little bits of paper that tell the world about Jesus. The power contained in a well written tract, has the ability to captivate, convict and direct the reader to the Saviour. Here, you'll find tracts to download and print for yourself, alongside recommended suppliers of tracts worldwide.

  Christian Gospel

Gospel tracts are a solidly effective way of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Gospel tracts present a simple, yet effective presentation of the basics of salvation: our sin, God's wrath and judgment, Hell, Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross, and the eternal hope found in his resurrection.
The great 19th century preacher, Charles Spurgeon, had this to say about Gospel tracts:
"I well remember distributing them in a town in England where tracts had never been distributed before, and going from house to house, and telling in humble language the things of the kingdom of God. I might have done nothing, if I had not been encouraged by finding myself able to do something ... [Tracts are] adapted to those persons who have but little power and little ability, but nevertheless, wish to do something for Christ. They have not the tongue of the eloquent, but they may have the hand of the diligent. They cannot stand and preach, but they can stand and distribute here and there these silent preachers" 
The most important aspect of using tracts is to be sure the Gospel message contained in them is Biblically sound.

Does it contain reference to the Law (The Ten Commandments) and warn of judgment day and hell? Does it preach the cross, the resurrection, repentance, and faith? Is Jesus presented as the answer to life's problems (the popular, but erroneous, "God-Loves-You-And-Has-A-Wonderful-Plan-For-Your-Life  gospel") or as the Saviour from sin (true, Biblical Gospel)? There are lots of tracts that compromise the truth to try to please the reader. Have nothing to do with these. They will lead the reader astray from the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Be discerning and examine every tract prayerfully before using them!

You can use tracts in restaurants, theatres, airports, in your church, on a desk or counter top at your place of work, on holidays and other special ocassions, via E-mail ... the opportunities are only limited by your imagination!

Do you feel unequipped to share Jesus with others? Why not start now with Gospel tracts. As Spurgeon said, "Let each one of us, if we have done nothing for Christ, begin to do something now. The distribution of tracts is the first thing."

Tracts from Living Waters

Living Waters (Europe)

GoodEnough Tract "Living Waters" produce a range of highly inventive and effective evangelistic materials. A sample pack currently costs under a fiver and gives you a big selection of their main products. Their basic message is both sound and biblical.
Million Dollar Tract I've found their "money related" materials to be excellent in drawing attention to the gospel presentation. Bank notes with a message and shiny coins that just give themselves away are amongst their selection of materials. On a personal note, I find tremendous fun, just leaving the coins in change trays of parking meters and slot machines. Great stuff.
The Great Cash Giveaway
"You look a million dollars!"
"It's great when you get the change!"
The Million Dollar Bill is a great ice-breaker when witnessing. Alternatively, you could just leave them lying around where folk will find them.
million dollar bill
Available from Living Waters (Europe), along with the Million Euro Note

Various agencies of Living Waters have local variants of the "Million" note. Check out the international agencies for this tract in your own national currency.


Living Waters Europe now have Million POUND tracts for handing out in the UK.
MillionPoundsPriced at 3.99 for a hundred, these provide an alternative for those "Non-Europhile" witnessing encounters...

You CAN Pass Out Tracts
Carlisle Council tried to stop an OAM evangelist from distributing tracts on the street. Close examination of the relevant bye-laws show that both "religious" and political leaflets are exempt from new legislation aimed at licensing street advertising material.

It is not illegal to pass out Gospel tracts in public in the UK.

Do It Yourself Tracts

Make your own tracts using the printable PDF selection at

More easily printed tracts, free of charge from Hutch Locklear at:

Or, you could take a look at our own printable tracts in the blue headed panel on the right.
Useful Online Videos

God's Wrath is Hell

The Jesus Film.

Are You Ready?

The Great Commission

Think You're A Good Person?

Do you honestly think that you're a good person? Reckon you're good enough to get to Heaven? 
Click Here to see if you're right

Gospel Booklets
World Missionary PressBooklets
The World Missionary Press has been around for many years, they produce a series of nicely formatted scripture booklets in various languages and will send these free, in quantity, to any address in the world. The booklets are around 48 pages long and contain scripture references listed under various headings related to the gospel presentation. Contact them at World Missionary Press Inc. PO Box 120, New Paris, Indiana 46553-0120. USA.

And Finally...   Something To Ponder.

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