Born Again!

For some years, the UKGM web site has been dormant. The domain name was bought out by a gambling syndicate who didn't really make much use of it. Eventually, the Lord saw to it that the domain name of UKGM.ORG returned to Christian purpose.

For many years, the old UKGM organisation and web site were dedicated to providing online resources to those who would stand up and preach the word to the lost. This is, of course, our prime response to the grace that has been generously granted to us. But...

Since the foundation of this ministry, we have noticed a gradual increase in persecution of Christians in the UK (and beyond, of course.) Aggressive opposition from some very vocal organisations and prominent individuals in the public eye have challenged the people of Jesus in this land. The formally organised denominational churches have responded largely by compromise. The message from some UK churches has been "Believe what you like, just turn up on a Sunday and pay your dues." Whether this is a genuine lack of faith and teaching or just simple economics (it takes large numbers to keep the organisations afloat,) there has been a noticeable decline in church membership. The churches generally say this is due to people growing up, heading for university, never to return. Add to that, the ever aging population and death of the elderly members and that's how it happens! What they rarely mention is the indifference to the Gospel and the lack of foundational faith that sustains the individual through trial and tribulation. The old truths are not taught any more or, if they are, they are given a modern gloss and consigned to "Historic Christianity," (Whatever that is or was.)

This new version of the UKGM web site has a redefined focus. We are still all about the preaching of salvation in Christ through outreach, evangelism and Christian witness. However, we will aim to provide links and materials for those who are "outside the camp" meeting in small fellowships and groups away from the big denominations. The church in the book of Acts of the Apostles met in all kinds of places, especially in people's homes and public areas. The Holy Spirit did great things through this way of "doing church." People were saved in large numbers and accommodated very quickly in the home based fellowship groups. The word used then was a Greek one - Ekklesia - which simply means "gathering." There was little formality but there was ... well, best read the book of Acts to see how God mightily used these little groups of people.

So, here we are again. ready to serve. Keep your eyes on this site as it grows!


Our re-appearance is news enough for the moment.

A bright future in the dark days of impending persecution. .

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